Why Sky's


Sky’s Herbal & Wellness is deeply invested in producing only the very best Hemp Texas has to offer. We pride ourselves in producing high quality organic products were sure you will love. Hemp has so much to offer and we hope you enjoy our innovative ways you can benefit from this amazing plant.


Why Choose Us

The confidence of knowing where your product comes from, how it was grown, who handled it, and what's actually inside the product you're consuming; priceless. With so many fake "CBD" products on the market right now it's scary! We lab test every batch of our products to make sure you have the best and give you peace of mind of our high quality reassurance. 


Our Bio

January 2020, my siblings and I came to the conclusion that our family’s land outside of Victoria, TX should remain just that, in the family. Offers for the property were coming in left and right and this is the very last piece of land our family owns. So, me being the woman I am, agreed to take on the challenge and make something of what our grandparents left behind. With all the new Hemp laws coming into effect and the looks of legalization on the horizon, we went for it. If not now, then when?

Since the early 2000’s I have been a Cannabis lover and learned everything I could about this amazing plant. The benefits that the Cannabis plant has to offer through Hemp and CBD are similar to its cousin Mary Jane; without all the psychoactive effects of course, you know the “high” feeling. So if there is any way we can help anyone, I am here for it.

Bailing out my cousin for a dime bag in 2008 definitely shifted my mind frame in a different direction. Many states have medical and recreational legalization, while multiple are being added each year. Full legalization could provide so many more the opportunity to take full advantage of the medical benefits this plant offers, as well as aid in the legal disparities mostly minorities face. Hemp and CBD is a healthy and alternative way to legally benefit from Cannabis. With the opportunity to help spread the knowledge and health opportunities of this multi beneficial plant Hemp, Sky’s Herbal & Wellness commenced.

Knowing what this plant is capable of and despited feeding our humanly bodies much forgotten Endocannabinoid system, CBD is one of the most popular new trends and it's not stoping anytime soon. While CBD is the most well known, there are many other cannabinoids that are extremely beneficial to us as well. We strive to stay at the forefront of all the newest products and health beneficial properties this plant has to offer. Going above and beyond for our customers is what we do, "Sky's The Limit" and we are Sky's Herbal & Wellness.