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Sky's Herbal wants to shed major light on the Hemp Farmers that make all CBD products possible. Hemp is the source of all CBD and other cannabinoids but it doesn’t grow itself. From seed to harvest it takes a lot of work and time to have a high quality product consumers can benefit from. Sky's Herbal & CBD has been farming for a few years now so we know what it takes, its not for the light hearted. If you know, you know! 

Tx Hemp Festival is an event I personally can't wait for! We have been trying to have this fest since last year, but we have postponed long enough. This event will be a little different then most family friendly festivals Im sure you have been to. We are a family business and our kids help in all different aspects of the process. Hemp is a plant with medicine for our bodies, just like many other plants we consume daily. The great state of Texas agrees so here we are. We want to help educate all ages on the benefits of the cannabis plant as a whole and de-stigmatize the "Norm" judgments against our helpful friend, not our enemy.

Fun is at the top of the list and safety right under, we will have social distance in place and enough sanitizer to drench the place, but there's plenty of space so no worries. Not only will children's games be available, but grown up games too! Some surprises you don’t want to miss, if I do say so myself.

Local artist are a must! I have reached out to a few of them already, so we will be jammin, but if you guys know someone please send them our way! Houston Texas I know your full of them so lets get it!

Alright so are y'all ready to come turn up wit us? The entry is FREE so our small business vendors can win, parking is FREE so no worries there.....


I'll see y'all May 29th-30th in Houston Tx!